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Well, I was afraid of this happening. I apologize for not posting at all, like... ever. If you've read my journal, you may have noticed that I haven't been updating recently there either, so please don't assume it's because I just lost interest. I won't go into an explanation, it's all in my journal.. but if anyone wants to revive this thing, maybe look me up?
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Well its been just shy of 2 weeks since any activity. Im assuming that this is offically over then. And I dont see this RP being over by the middle of december. So rather then leave in the middle of it and have to have someone else take it or leave you all stranded, Im going to withdraw now. *Turns sword in and walks away into the distance* If you all still wish to talk to me leave me a message in my journal.
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Yuna not broken *g*

*Shaking her head she reassures Wakka* "No, I'm just fine" she says with a genuine smile. She leans in and whispers "Just as long as Lulu didn't see that, I think we are fine" with that, she snatches the ball right from his hands and runs towards Lulus hut, glancing over her shoulder and laughing at Wakkas bewildered look.
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Wakka's grin turned into a frown. He looked similar to a puppy who was being scolded by their master. "I'm sorry, Yuna...are you okay? I didn't break anything, did I!?"
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She barely noticed as Wakka scooped up the ball, or noticed he was there for that matter until he spoke. She simpley smiled, turning her gaze from the temple to Wakkas grinning face.

"Yes sir" she said laughing. "But I think we all know where my path takes me," softly smiles "and I don't think bliztball is it". She straightened out her skirt when a strong force landed on her back, nearly sending her sprawling to the ground. Somehow she managed to maintain her balance. Stiffling a laugh she says "Now how can I ask you to be my guardian if you are going to end up doing more damage to me than the fiends?"
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"Ey, EY!" Wakka yelled, sprinting up. Though he was quite a bit behind her at first, he caught up quickly. His eyes followed the ball as it landed, and the man scurried over, scooping it up.

The red-haired man turned and smiled charmingly at Yuna. "Ey, now...I know how badly you want to be on the Aurochs, but you gotta give me two weeks notice!" he said teasingly. He laughed loudly at his own joke and patted the girl on the back.

Well, "pat" as in smack her on the back. Wakka really didn't realize how strong he was.

OOC: Hehe, sorry. I can so see Wakka doing that...I couldn't resist. XD
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Back in Spira. .

Laughing as the bliztball soars over her head, Yuna chased after it. She could tell Wakka was not too far behind her, and probably would beat her to the ball. She enjoyed teasing him while he tried to practice, especially when it involved stealing his bliztball.

She came to a slow stop as the ball landed in a patch of grass just infront of the temple. Her focus left trying to catch the ball and gazed at the temple. "Only a few more days until my training starts" she said quietly. Thoughts of how it would go had plagued her for sometime, what if the fayth did not accept her? She would not be able to become a summoner. .perhaps that is why Wakka and Lulu insisted she get out for a bit of fun.
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Sorry about that

phone lines have been down *g* sorry

now that we have one ball rolling (yay) - is anyone interested in starting the story in Spira while Auron is bringing Tidus into the world, or would that end up confusing everyone?